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Welcome to Lustful Goddess, Dear Friends!

Lustful Goddess was created by producer Carmen, featuring Gypsy Taub, as an attempt to channel the Goddess energy, to honor and welcome the Goddess to my life and the lives of others.

My site is not what you are used to seeing on the internet. I don’t know if this should be called porn and what categories it would fit in. I definitely make interesting porn, unusual porn and realistic porn. I just let the couple do their thing gonzo style meaning that I don’t direct anything. I try to stay out of the way and just capture the beauty and the transcendence of the moment. Should it be called "reality porn"? Or may be "romantic porn"? You be the judge, dear friend!

Call it interesting porn, unusual porn, realistic porn, or just girl next door film, or even that hipster porn - what matters is that it is about as close to reality as it gets where real couples have sex without being directed or interrupted. That hipster porn features a lot of women with a hippie mentality, that is open-minded non-conformist natural women.

Besides hipster porn true amateur porn is probably the best existing term to describe this site. A lot of people like amateur porn because it features real couples sex, real people, and girl next door. I shoot real couples, but unlike many other amateur videos mine are filmed with good lighting and good camera skills.

I feature the "girl next door", the natural woman, your neighbor, coworker, classmate, teacher, preacher. I don’t care for fake boobs nor fake anything. Girl next door rules because that’s who we really are underneath all that glitter. That’s another reason to call it realistic porn. Girl next door film and photo sets are my specialty, I have quite a bit of solo girl videos, girls in the shower, girls undressing and girls dressing, flirting and teasing.

I encourage women to be natural and to be themselves. Our hipster porn site features many hipster women like Gypsy Taub with hairy pussies, hairy legs, hairy armpits, hairy fannys, hairy lips, pussy lips that is, hairy minge – whatever you want to call it – we’ve got it. Our hairygirls are really naturally hairy, with full bush between their legs and under their arms. Vagina peluda – as our brothers and sisters across the border call hairy pussy, vagina peluda is in big demand, hair is sexy and natural. Not only does hairy pussy feel great to touch, it also looks very sexy in the shower. What better than wet hairy pussey?

We have young pussy and mature pussy and everything in between. We have young women and amature MILFs including Gypsy Taub having sex. If you want to know "What is MILF?" check out Bess, Gypsy Taub, Aloma, Jeza and Anna who are all amatuer milfs making porn. So what is milf really? MILF stands for "Mothers I Like to Fuck" and refers generally to women over 30. I don’t know if I would call it oldpussy, to me age is just a number anyway, so oldpussy is not exactly appropriate in this case. I film everyone I can regardless of age. So if we ever do get older women who are way older than 30 for those of you who like so-called oldpussy you will have something to look at. We have the best true amateur videos of real couples and girl next door.

I also have quite a few girls with shaved pussy on my site. It is their preference to shave their pussies and I film them as they are. So if you prefer shaved pussy we’ve got it too. I think I even have a video of myself shaving my pussy somewhere. I know I have filmed a video like that and if it isn’t posed yet it will be in the near future.

It’s all about real couples and real life sex for me. I love the romance, the beauty of real love and its many ways of expression. I like to film people who fuck from the heart, people who set each other on fire, I love passion, it’s passion that turns me on.

If you are looking for milfs with hairypussies or hairy lips on their vaginas you have come to the right place. In our girl next door film you will find hairy pussie and bald pussy, our site pictures vaginas of all types. If women were allowed to walk around naked there would be a lot less need to look for hairypussies on the internet, there would be no need for skype porn, starcraft porn, nudity would be out there in abundance and human body would no longer be considered a crime. Would there still be a need for sex videos? There would still be a need for interesting porn, unusual porn, that hipster porn and realistic porn because it is not boring and mechanical like so much of the regular porn is. Hipster porn especially is really fun and hip. Hairygirls with B>hairypussies and hairy fannys as well as hairy legs, hairy lips and armpits etc. What are starcraft porn and skype porn? Is it possible to watch porn on skype? Videos and pictures vaginas and butts and hairy fannys as well as shaved pussie amature milfs – can they all be viewed on skype porn? If you teach me how to do it I will post my porn on skype. Or is skype porn about taking your clothes off and masturbating while talking on the phone? Wow! That’s hot! I bet there is some secret collection of those kinds of naughty sex videos on some hacker’s computer.

I bet that hipster porn would look just as good as starcraft pornhairy pussie or shaved pussie – they all look great on a starcraft. Hairy girlsand shaved girls and everything in between, vagina peluda or vagina afeitada - who cares as long as it belongs to a real woman with a real heartbeat. What is MILF again? How come so many people don’t know – they must not be porn surfers I take it. It means Mothers I Like to Fuck. We feature amature milfs. Is there such a thing as professional MILFs? I have never heard of a hairy minge. Today was the first time I heard the word minge. When they say " hairy fannys" do they mean hair in the butt crack (hairy crack) or do they mean hair all over the fanny? I know I have a bunch of hairy fannys on my site if you mean the butt crack hair or hairy crack. But I haven’t seen too many women with thick hair all over their asses. If I did I would certainly videotape them for my collection of hairy fannys... LOL ... I guess I shouldn’t laugh ... I will never be politically correct, there is no sense trying. Hairy butt is just as fun as hairy mingehairygirls are hairygirls whatever they chose to grow hair on – it’s their business. My business is to film them and your business is to unzip your fly (that is if you haven’t done so yet) and enjoy that hipster porn, that realistic porn which some call unusual porn or romantic porn. Enjoy it all – heck even starcraft porn – who wouldn’t want to fuck a beautiful woman on a starcraft? Or on skype? Well, skype porn is almost as exciting to me as starcraft porn. Pictures vaginas are always in high demand, so are amatuer milfs. Just don’t ask me again: "What is MILF?" You should know by now. Look it up inside the site, take a tour and you will see "what is MILF", you will see it very clearly, believe me. We have true amateur porn, true amateur videos and pics – that is we have real natural women (and men)... LOL!

If you like my girl next door film drop me a line and I will film more girl next door film for you. Do I sound like I am from another country? That’s because I am .. LOL ... I didn’t even know what a hairy minge meant, I had to look it up. Thank God Webster knew and was able to tell me.

What kind of pictures do you like? Pictures vaginas or pictures butts? Do you prefer amatuer MILFs or amatuer younger women? Does it really matter that much? I think as long as a woman is sexy she is sexy regardless of age but that’s just me. I feel the same way about men. I like people who are not afraid to be real. That’s why I like that hipster porn and that skype porn... LOL ... But my favorite of them all is hairypussies which make for interesting porn or unusual porn whatever term you prefer, or is it realistic porn? Whatever rocks your boat, go for it! Old pussy is pussy too, just like old cock is still a cock so check out the amatuer milfs section of the site. Hope to see you soon! Come inside!

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